Bad Trip: Navigate My Mind

Bad Trip is an immersive virtual reality installation (will also be available as a free download videogame) that enables people to navigate the creator's mind using a game controller.

Since November 2011, every moments of his life has been documented by a video camera mounted on glasses, producing an expanding database of digitalized visual memories. Using custom virtual reality software, he created a virtual mindscape where people could navigate, and experience his memories and dreams.

The virtual world is perpetually evolving as he loads fresh virtual memories every night.

Bad Trip is presented as an immersive virtual reality installation in which people navigate the creator's virtual mind using a game controller.

Fresh memories are uploaded to the virtual world every night where they are stored in houses built by the creator

Installation Floor Plan

Exhibitions & Awards:

- Ars Electronica Festival (Linz, 2013)

- ZKM_Gameplay (Karlsruhe, 2013)

- CYNETART Festival (Dresden, 2013)

- 404 Festival (Rosario, 2013)

- Games of Art Exhibition by Queensland University of Technology (Queensland, 2013)
- Pure Art Showcase @ Chai Wan Mei 2013 (Hong Kong, 2013)

- Incubator for Film & Visual Media in Asia (ifva) - Gold Award (Hong Kong, 2013)

- Vector Game Art Festival (Toronto, 2013)

- Game for Change Australia New Zealand (Melbourne, 2012)


Discovery Channel, WIRED (Italia Edition), Popular Science, Boston Globe, Mercedes-Benz Magazine, Tech in Asia, ZDF TV, Oeil de Links (Canal+), The Creators Project, The Lip, Gamescenes, Polyon, Kotaku, doope

Creator, Visual Design, Architect, Programming : Alan Kwan

Sound Design, Music : Zach Polis