Alan Kwan is an artist, game designer, and technologist. Completed his master's at MIT, he is primarily interested in using videogame and virtual reality technologies to build worlds, stories, and immersive experiences that are outside of the traditional gaming paradigm. Instead of putting you into fights, competitions, and puzzle-solving, his projects seek to craft emotional journeys that let you wander through otherworldly places, without the pressure of completing missions or fighting monsters.


He is also deeply interested in how 3D virtual world, as a spatial medium, can help people organize or learn complex information by leveraging their spatial cognition. He started experimenting with the idea of building virtual memory palace in 2011, and then in 2016 he collaborated with architect and designer Meng Sun to make an interactive 3D educational tool.


These projects were presented at venues including Ars Electronica Center (Austria), International Bauhaus Colloquium (Germany), ZKM Centre for Art and Media (Germany), and Museum of Contemporary Art (Shanghai), and were featured in media including Discovery Channel, Popular Science, and Boston Globe. Alan was awarded the first prize of the MIT Harold and Arlene Schnitzer Prize, Asian Cultural Council Fellowship, and the Hong Kong Arts Development Council Award for Young Artist (Media Art). Recently, Alan completed two permanent installations for the museum Historic New Orleans Collection and one permanent installation for Taylor Education Center in collaboration with interaction designer and artist Xiao Xiao.  


While working on commissioned projects, currently he is building the videogame label "EYEPAIN" to produce short cinematic games for commercial release. The first project of the label can be found here.