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The Flying Umbrella Project

Bad Trip

Discovery Channel : 

Asia Tech Week - Bad Trip :

Bad Trip: un videogame per esplorare sogni e ricordi Games :

Interview : Alan Kwan's Interactive Mementos and Immersive Trips

mb! by Mercedes-Benz :

Virtual Memories

Tech In Asia :

Hong Kong Artist Records Daily Life, Builds Trippy Interpretation of Memories

Popular Science :

6 Unexpected Uses For Video Games From This Year

Fubiz :

Navigate My Mind :

Bad Trip turns one man's memories into a video game

The Creator's Project :

Explore Someone Else's Mind Using A Video Game Controller

International Design Times :

Trippy Video Game Takes Place In the Designer's Dreams

Art Radar Asia :
Can Video Games Be Art? 5 Contemporary Asian Artists Say Yes

The LiP :

Inner Darkness

Doope :

映像:クリエイターの悪夢的な仮想精神世界へと没入するゲームアートプロジェクト「Bad Trip」

Boston Globe :

Welcome to Alan's Brain

Huffington Post :

Alan Kwan, Lifelogger, Makes His Memories Into Video Game

SingularityHUB :

Recording Your Life, Allowing Others To View It As Virtual Reality World : Lifelogging :

Developer Creates A Video Game That Lets Players Explores His Memories

Noo Magazine :


Amusement :

Bad Trip, The Game Of Your Life: A Virtual Reality Full Of Memories

Co.Design :

Creepy Video Game Lets You Explore Its Maker's Memories

Creative Bloq :

Bad Trip : A 3D Voyage Into One Man's Mind

Mother Board :

Next Year, You Can Play A Free Video Game Made From This Guy's Memories

Kill Screen :

Experience An Artist's Mindscape In Bad Trip


ZDF Hyperland :

Lifelogging: Das Leben als Videomitschnitt :

This Bizarre Video Game Takes Place Inside Someone Else's Head

SourceFed :

Top 5 Weirdest Video Games

Indie Games :

Navigate Creator's Mind In Bad Trip

SlowDecade :

Bad Trip

Kvasir Æsir Vanir :

Bad Trip

A Videogame Canon :

The Gaming World Now Has Access To The Game Maker's Memories


Playable Memories

TrendHunter :

Bad Trip Interactive Memory Software Lets You Explore the Creator's Bra

aqbn :

Bad Trip : Navigate My Mind

PC Gamer :

Artist Videos A Year Of His Life, Embeds Memories In Bleak, Weird Art Game

Oeil de Links (Canal+) :

Bad Trip

Prosthetic Knowledge :

Bad Trip :

Bad Trip : Indie-Game lässt euch in den Erinnerungen des Entwicklers umherwandern


Navigate My Mind :

Some Interesting Clips

OurMinds :

Navigate Creator's Mind In Bad Trip

Christopher Baker :

Bad Trip Game

Globo : 

Chinês cria game com cenário composto pelas suas memórias

DontParty :

Bad Trip : Navigate My Mind

牛丸街 :


Memory Palace

Shadow Donation

17.9 18 18.1

Milk Magazine (Issue 501) :


ArtsLink :

Fly Via Air - 「飛」一般 ifva

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