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A short cinematic game that takes place near the border of a city undergoing a massacre. A stray dog follows scent trails of human fear and carries out its job to help human souls reincarnate.

This game focuses on delivering an interactive cinematic experience with simple control. While using the mouse to look around, players control the dog to walk/sprint/hide/stop and the steering is automated. A bit similar to the control of a 2D platform game like Mario but the players can also look around in a 3D environment. For most of the gameplay, players are walking, hiding, or witnessing.

Gameplay Teaser [4K]

Things I'm Thinking About 

(1) The players explore the environment through the point of view of a dog. The game presents no story, context, or background information on where the massacre is taking place and why it is happening. Nothing will be resolved after the players finish the game. I'm interested in creating an experience that invites for contemplation on fear, deaths, and the collapse of a city. 

(2) I want to make cinematic games that are very short but rich and tense. Almost like a short film but interactive. Kind of like a mini game but with more complex emotional experience. Interaction and control should be really simple and not focus on how fast players move their thumbs. I started a production label called "EYEPAIN" to focus on making this kind of interactive experiences. This is the first project of the label.

(3) When I talk about my works I always use the term "game" or "videogame" for general communication purpose. But I constantly think about whether they are the best words to describe what I want to do. So if you are a hardcore gamer and think that these are not videogames I totally get it. I think we need better terms to describe works of interactive virtual world that are made using videogame technologies but are not necessarily videogames. I'm a big fan of Tale of Tales' Realtime Art Manifesto

(4) For the technical side of things, this project uses a ton of particle systems to achieve a particular aesthetics. I spent a lot of time doing performance optimization so that the game doesn't require a high-end gaming PC to play.

(5) I worked with amazing people on this project. See below.


Director / 3D Artist / Level Design / Programmer:
Alan Kwan

Production Label:
EYEPAIN studio

R&D on Point Cloud Graphics Pipeline:
Alan Kwan, Kachi Chan 

Jordi Jon Pardo

Advising on Sound Design & Theremin Experiment:
Xiao Xiao 

Advising on Interactive Design:
Kenny Wong Chi-Chuen

Audio Sample Contributors on
Iamgiorgio, geoneo0, decembered, mikaelfernstrom, 15GPanskaBokstefflova_Nicola, Niedec, klankbeeld, Robinhood76, willybilly1984, elonen, Ephemeral_Rift

Special Thanks:
Yang Jing, Mike Harris, Deniz Tortum, Lukas Steinman, Tamas Waliczky, Arthur Brussee, Keijiro Takahashi

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