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In a densely built environment like Hong Kong, many of the trees live in the shade of skyscrapers and never cast shadows; this is the opposite of desert botanical plants which never receive any respite from the sun’s harsh light…never shaded and always casting a shadow. 

In this installation, the artists transfer the shadow from the Mojave Desert to a tree in Hong Kong that has never had one — using media to merge two indigenous plants into one sculpture.



Art | Sci Center + Lab, UCLA  

Sponsorship & Exhibition Venue:

School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong


Media Art & The Environment: The Desert Metropolis (Hong Kong, 2012)



South China Morning Post, Milk Magazine, MetroHK, Hong Kong Economic Journal, YahooHK News

Artists: Alan Kwan, Stephanie Mak


Shadow Donation

A light installation that causes the shadows of a tree from Mojave Desert to be cast from a native Hong Kong tree.

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