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The Eyes

Free-Roam VR Cinematic Experience, 2023

“The Eyes” is a free-roam VR cinematic experience. Accommodating 1 viewer at a time, this VR experience immerses the viewer into a fictional ritual that seeks the lost spiritual eyes of humans in a world of wars, deaths, and chaos. The viewer walks freely within this ritual performed by a group of virtual spiritual dancers and musicians, as they hope the god of the spiritual eyes will reappear and revive the spirit of humanity. 

Trailer / Excerpt / Behind the Scenes

Another Excerpt from the VR Experience


The Eyes_01.jpg
The Eyes_01.png
The Eyes_03.jpg
The Eyes_04.jpg

Behind the Scenes

Chloe & Evains.gif

Choreographer Chloe Wong & dance performer Evains Lui


Motion capture with dance performer Evains Lui


Motion capture with composer/music performer Olivier Cong

Olivier Mocap 02.gif

Motion capture with composer/music performer Olivier Cong


Facial capture with composer/music performer Olivier Cong

Technical Setup for the Free-Roam VR Experience

The Eyes - Setup Plan.jpg


Project Lead, Concept Development, Digital Art Production
Alan Kwan

Concept Development, Technical Research, Digital Art Production

Kachi Chan

Composer, Voice, Music Performer for Motion & Facial Capture

Olivier Cong


Chloe Wong

Dance Performer 

Evains Lui

Performer for Motion Capture Experiment (Dance)

Ho Tsz Kwan Jessica

Performers for Motion & Facial Capture Experiment (Acting)

Ma Hiu Ying, Mo Hiu Shan



Tang Tsz Tan


Bodypaint Texture Artist

Golu Tushar


The Response


Composed by

Olivier Cong

Strings, Piano & Voice by

Olivier Cong

Cello lead by

Harmony Chuh


Mixed & Mastered by

Anthony Yeung


Excerpts from The Hollow Men by T.S. Eliot

Funded by

The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts'

Building An Interdisciplinary, Intercultural And Internationalised Campus Fund


Supported by 

Department of Media Design and Technology
School of Theatre & Entertainment Arts

The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

Special Thanks (in alphabetical order)

Allen Fung
Apple Wong
Chan Ho Ming
Dave Wu
Doi Chan

Ivor Houlker
Joseph Yan
Leung Po Wing
Tai Nga Chun
Yuen Cheuk Wa

Digital Assets & Sound Effects

Piano: Grand Piano Free 3D model by blarb (

Available for use under the Royalty Free License (


Fire: Close Up Of Random Fire Flames On Dark Background from



Night Ambience Sound: Night Ambiance - 44.1k, 16-Bit Depth.aif by DidntGoToFilmSchool (

Available for use under the CC0 1.0 license (



Boom Sound: Cinematic Boom Impact Hit 2021.wav by EminYILDIRIM (

Available for use under the CC BY 4.0 license ( 


No changes were made.

Whale Sound: whale song.wav by muri_kuri (

Available for use under the CC0 1.0 license (



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