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Forgetter is an exploration videogame in which the art collection from dslcollection seeps into the narrative. Set in the near future, players take up a job at a technology company as cleaners of dead artists’ brains, identifying and removing traumatic memory blocks in their minds in order to recycle their brains for newborns. Many memory blocks are constituted by Chinese contemporary artworks.


*The artworks used in this game are provided by dslcollection. Should you have any interest or inquiries about these artworks, please kindly reach out to dslcollection.


Game Teaser


gif for f 拷貝 2.gif
gif for f 拷貝.gif
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“Forgetter is both moving and troubling, in the way art should be. An emotive, thought-provoking, and important work.”

Designer Plays


“A poignant, elegant dive into artists' minds that explores their human experiences with moving compassion cleverly juxtaposed with stoic playful cynicism born of the tragedies and dystopias of life.”


Quality Narrative






“Chtěli jste někdy být kreativní jako Van Gogh, ale pokud možno bez toho, abyste přišli o ucho? Autoři této hry zjevně na tuto otázku odpověděli kladně, a tak vznikla tato krátká unikátní hříčka.”





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Grace Xiao.jpg
Salomé Grouard.jpeg
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Tomato X.jpg

Tomato X

Liu Yi Ze.jpg
Sercan Sezgin.jpeg
Deniz Tortum.jpg
Or Chun Yiu.jpg
Zhang Tian Yi.jpg
Grace Xiao.jpg
Zhang Yuchen.jpg
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